Top 5 Types of Bad Relationships

Bad relationships come in many forms and shapes and what they all have in common is that they are toxic relationships that make your life miserable. Here are the Top 5 types of bad relationships to avoid:

  1. Abusive relationship. Abusive relationships involve physical or emotional abuse. These are not only unpleasant but they can be literally life-threatening. While this is true for all kinds of bad relationships, if you are in an abusive relationship, get out of it asap because later you might not be alive!
  2. Parasitic relationship. Parasitic relationships might not threaten your life but they aren’t better. When you are in a relationship with a parasite that is exploiting your desire to be in a relationship and be loved, there is a lot you risk to lose – money, happiness, your self-esteem.
  3. Co-dependent relationship. One more type of bad relationships where it’s obvious your lover isn’t the right guy/girl for you are co-dependent relationships. When you date a person with addictions, you are in a co-dependent relationship. However, any type of unhealthy relationship you stay in out of solidarity, can be called a co-dependent relationship. It’s not hard to guess that a breakup is your only option.
  4. Rebound relationship. Rebound relationships are rarely dangerous per se but since they are unhappy, especially if you don’t call it quits before you end in a marriage, this dooms you to lack of love forever. Rebound relationships usually start after a breakup but they aren’t the better alternative to staying single.
  5. Delusional relationship. Delusional relationships occur when you expect more than you could possibly get. For instance, if your lover promises to divorce in order to marry you, or if you see his or her shortcomings, such as bad temper, greed, drinking, etc., but you hope your love will change him or her, you are in a delusional relationship.

There are many other types of unhealthy relationships but in terms of damage they can do to you, these are the most notable. It won’t hurt to repeat – if you are in such a relationship, breakup is your only option. Don’t hope things will change for the better – with bad relationships if things change at all, it’s only for the worse!