Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn

In addition to foreign languages, you may want to learn programming languages as well – if your interests are in this area, of course. While the question which programming languages are best to learn can have many answers based on your interests, abilities, and free time, here are 10 programming languages that in any case are very useful to know:

  1. HTML. HTML might not be as powerful as C#, Java, or PHP but if you plan to have anything in common with Web development, HTML is simply the foundation you can’t skip. The good news is that HTML is relatively easy to learn, so even if you have no idea of programming whatsoever, you can start with it and the experience won’t be very painful.
  2. SQL. SQL and its many varieties are another fundamental language you must learn. SQL is used for databases but since databases are used in almost any application, it is also a programming language you must have some familiarity of.
  3. PHP. For Web development, PHP is probably the best language because it’s lightweight, powerful, and most of the things you need, like IDEs, components, etc. are free. It’s also much easier than Java, C, or C# but it’s more complex than HTML or SQL.
  4. JavaScript. JavaScript is another language you must know, if you plan to work in Web development. JavaScript allows to add lots of cool functionality to plain HTML pages and even though it isn’t as powerful as PHP, it is still widely used on the Web.
  5. CSS. CSS isn’t exactly a programming language but since it is knowledge you will need, if you want to be in Web software, it’s also on the list. CSS is a must for designers mainly but any developer will certainly benefit from having CSS knowledge.
  6. C. C is one of the fundamental programming languages and many other languages stem from it. This is a really powerful language, especially for system programming but it is also the most difficult to learn.
  7. .NET. C#, ASP.NET, and the other languages from the .NET family are also major languages you may want to learn. C# is very popular for desktop applications, while ASP.NET is for Web applications. There are many more languages that are categorized as .NET but these 2 are the best known.
  8. Java. Java is another major programming language that is used for both Web and desktop applications. It’s meant to be cross-platform, so if you program for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems, Java is the best choice.
  9. Python. Python as a programming language isn’t as popular as Java, C#, or PHP but it also has its uses. What is more, it’s much easier to learn Python than Java, C#, not to mention C, so for a beginner it is not a bad choice.
  10. Ruby on Rails. This language is relatively young and its popularity isn’t very high but the demand for Ruby on Rails programmers is very high, so if you want to jump into the deep, Ruby on Rails might be exactly for you.

Out of the hundreds of programming languages that exist today, only a dozen are universally used. There are many dead languages and many that are used for limited purposes only, so it makes no sense to learn them. Stick with the 10 suggestions on the list and you will be safe.