Top 5 Apps to Save from Mobile Calls and Texts

Mobile calls and texts are much cheaper now than they used to be but still if you talk and text a lot, especially internationally, this can cost a lot of money. You can save from mobile calls and texts, if you use some of the free alternatives available. Here are the 5 best apps to cut your mobile bill:

  1. Viber. This is a free service that allows to make calls and send texts. It’s available for all major mobile operating systems, such as iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.
  2. Skype Mobile. Skype Mobile is the mobile version of the well-known VoIP desktop application Skype. If you have unlimited data plan and metered minutes/texts, this is your best alternative to save money from calls and texts.
  3. Textfree. Textfree ( does not allow to make calls but if you are a heavy texter, it’s still useful. Similarly to the other applications on the list, it’s free. When you sign up you get a free texting number and you can send unlimited numbers of texts.
  4. Fring. Fring is best for video calls. It can also be used for conventional calls and texts but since it’s one of the few applications that support video calls, this is its major strength.
  5. Truphone. Truphone offers personal and business services. It comes with a SIM card of its own and it’s the best choice when you travel a lot internationally because the calling rates you are getting are much cheaper than the roaming tariffs of most operators.

These 5 applications are a great way to save from mobile calls and texts. Each of the apps has its unique aspects and depending on the circumstances, each of them can be the best for you. Use these apps, so that you don’t have to pay fat mobile bills.