Top 5 Mobile Broadband Internet Options

Mobile Internet is going from exotic to mainstream. Costs drop, plans get better, and all this makes mobile Internet an alternative to conventional broadband over cable. However, mobile broadband is not only one type of service. In fact, there are numerous ways to enjoy it. Here are the best 5 ways to get mobile broadband:

  1. Tethering. Tethering is the simplest way to connect. You need a smartphone or any other device that supports tethering and a laptop/desktop. You can connect your mobile and your computer and as a result access your mobile connection right from your computer. This is a quick and dirty solution, but it’s great if you use mobile broadband only now and then because you don’t have to buy additional equipment.
  2. Hotspotting. A hotspot, or a mobile broadband router, is a variety of tethering. Again, you connect your computer to the Internet through your mobile but the difference is that now your mobile is functioning like a router and if you want, you can create a whole mobile network around it.
  3. Mobile modems. Mobile modems are also a popular way to get mobile broadband but the problem here is that you need to purchase the hardware separately. Because of this, they are more suitable, if you permanently need mobile broadband than for occasional use.
  4. Mobile dongles. Mobile dongles are similar to mobile modems. Essentially, they are small devices that you attach to your computer. Similarly to modems, they need to be purchased separately, so they aren’t the best option for occasional mobile broadband users.
  5. Mobile broadband cards. This is one more type of device you need to buy and insert in order to have mobile broadband. As you guess, it’s more useful to have, if you plan to use mobile broadband frequently.

These ways to get mobile broadband Internet are the best. Some of them are cheap, while others require an upfront investment. Another problem you might encounter is that your data plan doesn’t allow to use them, so you might need to purchase a separate plan, which is one more investment you must spend money on. In any case, they are good to know and use, when your other broadband is down and you are left in the middle of nowhere.