Top 5 CPA Networks

Out of all the ways to make money from a site, CPA ads are the most profitable. Well, they aren’t the easiest way because unlike PPC ads where you just need to place the ad code on the page and the selection of ads is done by the ad network, with CPA ads you need to spend lots of time looking for the best offers for your site. If the ad network you have joined doesn’t offer highly converting offers, you won’t be making much money. Because of this, you need to pick a good CPA network first, for instance one of the following Top 5 CPA networks:

  1. Amazon. Amazon is a good choice of a CPA network not only because of the millions of offers in every niche it has. One of the distinguishing features of Amazon as a CPA network is that once you pick a niche and place the code, it fills the space with relevant ads without you having to pick each of the offers manually. Of course, you can make manual selections, if you want but their automated picks are usually really relevant.
  2. Clickbank. Clickbank is frequently called the best affiliate network because it not only offers millions of products in every niche but it also offers some of the highest commissions in the industry. It doesn’t have the automated tools of Amazon but this is compensated by the top products you can find for sale there.

  3. Commission Junction. Commission Junction is also a huge affiliate network with a really rich selection of products across various niches but it somehow lags behind the first two. Still, if Amazon and Clickbank don’t work for you the way you hoped, you can give Commission Junction a try.
  4. eBay. eBay used to be one of the first CPA networks ever and even though its gloss has faded over the years, it is still a nice money maker. If you have audience that is interested in auctions, then eBay is your top choice.
  5. Linkshare. You might be surprised by the presence of a relatively unknown CPA network on this list but it is a fact that Linkshare is really a top CPA network. Unlike the others that pay at $100 or so, the payment threshold for Linkshare is only $1, which means you won’t have to wait to get your money. Additionally, they offer incredible offers in almost any niche, so if you haven’t tried Linkshare, do it now.

Fortunately, the list of good CPA networks doesn’t end here. There are at least 10 more, such as Share A Sale, Never Blue, Pepper Jam, Axill, etc. that are worth trying but since we are focusing on the Top 5, they aren’t present in the list. Try the CPA networks in the list first and if they don’t work for you, then search for alternatives.